We have found that our client's have a tendency to let their pond go over the winter months. While you are not outside much and taking advantage of your pond during these cold months, there are still precautions that should be taken and our Pond Winterization service is necessary for proper pond maintenance.  

For instance, if leaves get in your pond and decay it will throw off the ecological balance of your water garden.  It is best to try to minimize the amount of accumulated sludge, decaying plant debris, etc. from the water. Also, as organics decompose in the pond, they can produce toxic gases that could be trapped in the pond if it is covered by ice for more than a few days. It is important to keep at least a small area free of ice so that these gases can escape. Removal of any dead and dying leaves and placing plants deep enough in the pond to keep the roots from freezing is also essential. Other key characteristics of this service include; preparation of the pond for the cold, taking care of plants with special needs and preparing your pond equipment to sustain itself through the freezing cold. 



Our spring & fall clean-up landscaping service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the spring & fall seasons. It is important for the health of your landscape to remove these materials because they harbor fungal material such as spores that harm the health of plants in your landscape.

Additionally, if you allow the leaves and debris to sit too long, it will stunt the growth of grass and plants and leave bald spots in your landscape. Of course, seasonal services also leave your garden looking good year-round too! 



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Key Benefits of our Seasonal Pond & Landscaping Services

  Preserve the eco-system of your pond
  A beautiful landscape year-round
  Attention to detail
  Certified and insured pond & landscaping professionals
  Customized options to satisfy your particular pond & landscape

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